Center for Civilization Studies


“As a requirement of being a research university, special attention is paid to the issues of organizing research, publication and scientific organizations in the strategic plan of our university. In the strategic field of scientific research, consultancy and publication of our strategic plan

- "To achieve the quality of research and publication accepted, qualified and referenced in the international platform",

- "Interdisciplinary research and publication in scientific fields of strategic importance", "Developing joint research projects with industry, trade, local governments and central public institutions" and

- "Promoting civilization-oriented research based on national and international cooperation" with strategic objectives,

Located in the strategic area of scientific organizations

- "To make it sustainable by organizing scientific organizations based on international cooperation"

In order to realize its strategic objectives, Istanbul Civilization University Civilization Studies Application and Research Center (ISMAM) has been established and has started to operate.

The primary objective of the center is to coordinate the researches of faculty members from different faculties and departments within the university. The center is engaged in activities to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.